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Class Start Dates

Puppy Obedience

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Class NameDateDayTimeNotes
Puppy ObedienceAugust 3, 2021Tuesday7:15 PMCLASS IS FULL
Puppy ObedienceAugust 3, 2021Tuesday9:30 AMCLASS IS FULL
Puppy ObedienceAugust 12, 2021Thursday9:00 AM 
Puppy ObedienceAugust 19, 2021Thursday7:15 PMCLASS IS FULL
Puppy ObedienceSeptember 14, 2021Tuesday7:15 PM 
Puppy ObedienceSeptember 14, 2021Tuesday9:30 AM 
Puppy ObedienceSeptember 23, 2021Thursday9:00 AM 
Puppy ObedienceSeptember 30, 2021Thursday7:15 PM 


Beginner Obedience

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Class NameDateDayTimeNotes
Beginner ObedienceAugust 9, 2021Monday6 PMCLASS IS FULL
Beginner ObedienceAugust 9, 2021Monday7:15 PMCLASS IS FULL
Beginner ObedienceAugust 12, 2021Thursday10:15 AM 
Beginner ObedienceAugust 26, 2021Thursday6:00 PM 
Beginner ObedienceAugust 26, 2021Thursday7:15 PM 
Beginner ObedienceSeptember 20, 2021Monday6:00 PM 
Beginner ObedienceSeptember 20, 2021Monday7:15 PM 
Beginner ObedienceSeptember 23, 2021Thursday10:15 AM 


Intermediate Obedience

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Intermediate ObedienceWednesday 9:30 AM
Intermediate ObedienceWednesday, 5:00 PM
Intermediate ObedienceThursday, 8:30 PM
Intermediate ObedienceThursday, 11:30 AM

The above dates are the start dates for that class. There are no make-up classes in the schedule so please choose a start date that allows you to attend all lessons without interruption. If you signup for a class, no further communication will take place unless there is a problem. No confirmations are sent. Your charge is the confirmation.

All information given on the registration forms is private and only for use by Total Recall School for Dogs. No information will be sold or given to any other person or entity without your express permission. Your security is our primary concern.

If you have any questions about the class or how to register, send us an email (preferred) or call, 651-464-1799 (return calls may be delayed do to when message is received).